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by So useless and so pretty and so good (raiden_x)
at August 27th, 2006 (12:19 pm)

Well hello *pokes everyone*

This community is quite dead at the moment, but that's not cool so let's have a question.

Have you ever had a bad sexual experience that would have been perfect if it was with someone else?

For example, last week one of my 'we're drunk, let's fuck' friends tried to go all dominant in the bedroom, which didn't work at all because being told what to do by another women does nothing for me. But I played along because she was really into it. Later I was thinking that if my friend Jared was in her position, I would have been on my hands & knees crawling around the bedroom because strong, dominant manly men just do it for me bad.


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: August 27th, 2006 04:58 am (UTC)

oh yes.

one night... i wanted to just hook up with a guy from the local dance club. we did so, but somehow also started dating.

what i would have given to have had his best friend instead of him...

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: September 3rd, 2006 02:48 pm (UTC)

a guy fingered me the other night on the couch at a party.
secretly i wished he was a girl
and he was also a bad kisser, then i definately wished he was a girl

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